Overhaul and overhaul of Jenbacher engines

Jenbacher engines are another of RS Motor’s specialities, especially since 2011, when our company began to have a greater presence in these engines, either for service or the supply of genuine and/or OEM spare parts. Today, RS Motor is considered as one of the best alternatives to the official Jenbacher brand. The large stock of critical parts in our warehouse and the continuous updating of our database and know-how make this possible. Worldwide, in addition to supplying spare parts for overhaul and/or repair of Jenbacher engines, RS Motor is able to service Jenbacher engines regardless of the complexity of the job.

When is it necessary to overhaul a Jenbacher engine?

Usually, and unlike other brands or manufacturers, Jenbacher engines have the peculiarity, in general, regardless of the type of gas they consume, of being marked for major intervention or overhaul at 60,000 hours of operation. This is common for Jenbacher series 2, Jenbacher series 3, Jenbacher series 4 and Jenbacher series 6 engines.

For some years now, however, Jenbacher has been manufacturing its engines to withstand 80,000 operating hours up to overhaul. However, in Jenbacher 2-series and Jenbacher 3-series engines, more than 33% and 66% of the hours are maintained for overhaul. This is different for Jenbacher series 4 or series 6, where this intermediate major maintenance is generally carried out at 50% of the corresponding hours for the major overhaul.

Despite the above, it is possible that, with certain gases, the hours for each major overhaul may vary slightly up to a maximum of 10,000 operating hours.

However, these considerations always apply on the basis that the engine is in operation for approximately 8,000 hours per year.

Types of overhaul on Jenbacher engines

Overhaul is defined as the complete maintenance of the engine, in which all wearing parts of the engine are replaced in both the upper and lower parts (see main bearings, cylinder liners, pistons, connecting rod bearings, connecting rod bushings…). RS Motor is sometimes able to adapt to the constraints that end customers may have, especially in terms of the time between the shutdown and the start-up of the engine.

Sometimes, if the delivery time is not important, the overhaul is carried out at RS Motor’s facilities.

If the lead time is a factor to be taken into account, although not critical, RS Motor sends its engineers and specialised technicians to the customer’s premises.

If delivery time is the most important factor, RS Motor may, on certain occasions and if possible and available, supply an exchange shortblock or an exchange longblock equivalent to that of the customer.

Finally, if speed of execution is of the utmost importance, we can even offer the possibility of supplying an exchange engine compatible with the overhaul previously carried out. This engine would be completely assembled and would be «plug & play», so the downtime of the plant would be minimal.

Request a quote for an Overhaul on a Jenbacher engine from RS Motor

Numerous customers from all over the world already rely on RS Motor when they need to overhaul their Jenbacher 2-series, Jenbacher 3-series, Jenbacher 4-series and/or Jenbacher 6-series engines.

Join them and ask us for availability and pricing if you are determined to try a company other than the one you normally work with. RS Motor is considered by many to be the best alternative to Jenbacher Service. Several years of experience in workmanship and the supply and installation of genuine and/or OEM parts back us up.