Deutz- MWM engine overhaul

RS Motor currently has more than 150 MWM gas engines under contract, which operate with natural gas, special gases, biogas, sewage treatment plant gas, landfill gas, coal mine gas...
RS Motor currently has more than 150 MWM gas engines under contract, which operate with natural gas, special gases, biogas, sewage treatment plant gas, landfill gas, coal mine gas…
RS Motor has been a specialist for more than 20 years in repair, maintenance and commissioning services for MWM gas engines.

Maintenance and service on MWM gas engines

Maintenance, service and spare parts supply for MWM engines is one of RS Motor’s core activities.

Supply of OEM and genuine spare parts: RS Motor is a specialist in the sale of OEM and genuine spare parts for MWM engines. The sale of OEM parts allows us to be more competitive than other companies in the market by supplying exactly the same parts that MWM markets with their logo.

Our large stock is essential to give an immediate response to any of our customers. RS Motor has in stock in its warehouses all the critical parts for the maintenance of any MWM TCG or MWM TBG engine.

Our customers rely on RS Motor to carry out both preventive and corrective maintenance. Reconditioned parts are the key to shortening customer engine downtime. RS Motor is fully capable of reconditioning many of the major engine parts for re-use, and has a large stock of them. This allows us to repair any engine breakdown immediately, avoiding long downtime and high investment. The use of reconditioned parts is also common in major maintenance (Overhaul, E60 and/or E50).

In summary, a great experience, the use of OEM and genuine spare parts, and a large stock, allow RS Motor to be the best alternative to the engine manufacturer.

Preventive maintenance of MWM engines

RS Motor is a company that is regarded worldwide as a solid alternative to the MWM engine manufacturer. A large stock of consumables and spare parts, as well as a large stock of exchange components, means that RS Motor has its own technical service for scheduled preventive engine maintenance work. We have our own workshop where we offer reconditioning or repair parts and a complete overhaul service.

Our engineers and technicians are fully qualified to carry out both minor and major maintenance (also known as overhaul). These preventive maintenances are usually carried out at the customer’s plant. Only in case of Overhaul, RS Motor offers 2 different options: The first is to perform the Overhaul at RS Motor, while the second is to perform the Overhaul of the engine «on site». Additionally, and when the downtime of the plant does not allow it because it is short, we have the possibility of preparing a MWM exchange shortblock or a MWM exchange longblock beforehand.

MWM engine corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance of MWM gas engines is carried out when an unscheduled shutdown occurs on the engine. In this case, the response must be as quick as possible. All necessary work is adapted to the extent of the damage in order to get the engine up and running as quickly as possible.

RS Motor can be at the customer’s site normally within 24-48 hours of notification from our customer.

Retrofit of MWM engines

Since the creation of RS Motor some 12 years ago, our company is fully capable of changing the configuration of a current engine. Some examples are listed below:

    • TEM Refit on 2x MWM TBG620V12K. Upgrade of an obsolete TEM-Compact to a fully upgraded AVAT E2 CON-TE Control System
    • Change of Otto combustion cycle from a MWM TBG620V16K, to Miller MWM TCG2020V16.
    • PBS turbocharger replacement on MWM TBG632V16.
    • Replacement of ABB turbocharger on MWM engines with PBS turbocharger.
    • Conversion to natural gas of MWM TBG620V12K engine to sewage gas.
    • Replacement of ALTRONIC ZS3 / MIC4 MWM TBG616V16 TEM-Compact.
    • Replacement of TEM-Compact with TEM-Evo.
    • Installation of formaldehyde catalysts in various MWM TCG2016.

List of MWM engines we usually work on

Here is a brief summary of the MWM engines we most commonly repair at RS Motor:

  • TBG616V8
  • TBG616V12
  • TBG616V16
  • TBG620V12
  • TBG620V16
  • TBG620V20
  • TBG632V12
  • TBG632V16
  • TCG2016V8
  • TCG2016V12
  • TCG2016V16
  • TCG2020V12
  • TCG2020V16
  • TCG2020V20
  • TCG2032V12
  • TCG2032V16