3 раза подряд капитальный ремонт двигателя на DEUTZ/MWM типа TCG2016V16

7 июля, 2021by admin


We are showing you one of the greatest project of this year performed by RS MOTOR. It is the realization of 3x consecutive engine major Overhaul on DEUTZ/MWM type TCG2016V16.

The execution plan is:

  • For the first engine, we use a complete exchange engine.
  • For the other 2 ones, we use both exchange longblock and exchange shortblock.

This allows RS MOTOR to finish the 3x major Overhaul in about 10 weeks. Everything is carried out in the customer facilities, with the peculiarity that the 3 engines have never been stopped at the same time.

All these works are covered by the quality control of RS MOTOR and the approval of our customers.

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